Mental health & Twitter

for me, social media both helps and triggers me.

I have two accounts on twitter, my normal one with my friends, celebrities and meme accounts etc on, this one i can’t be myself. I can’t share how i’m feeling. Isn’t that sad?

On my other twitter account (999drunk) I can completely be myself. I find this twitter account so helpful and everyone is so supportive. It’s so nice to have somewhere to sound off at when i’ve had a bad day.

The only thing is, it can be extremely triggering as well. I understand that some people do go through a hard time but seeing suicidal thoughts or self harm thoughts can be really triggering, not just for me. Also, I find myself getting jealous that I’m not able to make friends like some of the other people on there have. Makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong, am i not likeable? or i get the complete opposite way and think I’m untouchable and worshiped. I also struggle with making friends online as one minute i think i’ve found a friend for life and then i get extremely overwhelmed and can’t go on twitter for a day or two.. It’s hit and miss really!

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