Feeling alone.

For me, feeling alone is the worst. It causes me to isolate myself even more and distance myself from everyone for days or even weeks.

I am currently feeling this way as I asked all the girls from work if they wanted to come around tonight and no one has decided to. This really hurts my feelings because I know they’ll all go out or something similar, but they can’t find the time to spend time with me. I think this is also hard because I give everything to my friends, I would drop everything for them, but it’s not the same for me.

So I’m now feeling extremely worthless and anxious, like they’re all out without me. Talking about me. Laughing about me.

I’m sat in my flat in my pyjamas, thinking about my weight and where my life is going.

I’ll probably now spend the rest of the night on the sofa drinking alone or scrubbing the flat from top to bottom. My partner will come home later and I’ll lash out and take it all out on him too. So predictable 🙌🏼

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