Hi guys, sorry I haven’t put a post up in over a week I have been so busy at work and one of the girls I look after (have for over a year, everyday 8-4) is moving to Ireland to live, so today was my last day with her. My heart physically hurts to let her go, it never gets easier.

So.. Sunday is my favourite day. Why? Because it is a day of rest. Sunday for me is a day where I have freedom from things to do! Sundays for me include a nice walk, lunch somewhere or even just staying on the sofa watching TV. I personally really struggle with watching TV on a Saturday (sounds bizarre) but I feel guilty like I shouldn’t be resting, I should be busy. Sundays however, I don’t feel much guilt.

This Sunday just gone, me and my partner were both hungover and had such a hilarious day. Unfortunately for me, my BPD is at its worst when I am hungover, so I had a few moments, but I dealt with them a lot better than usual.

Also.. I love the name Sunday for a baby girl! Super cute 🙂 this is a really random post, peace out ✌🏻

One thought on “Sundays

  1. I LOVE Sundays too to me it is the only day of the week you can do nothing and not feel bad about it. Whether it’s sitting watching TV or just having a chilled walk or visiting family I look forward to Sunday every week.

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