Me, myself and I

So, i thought i’d do my next blog post with just a little background information about me! If this is the first blog post of mine that you’re reading then, hi! I’m Jessie.

I live on the Isle Of Man which is an island in the middle of the irish sea. I have lived here all my life and i think i always will live here. If you haven’t heard of the Isle Of Man, it’s a beautiful place, very scenic and very safe. My name is Jessica, but i usually go by Jessie (or Jess, but i’m not a massive fan). I’m 23 years old!

Up until March last year i had always lived in the same house, Me and my boyfriend (been together since 2015) moved from my mums house to a two bed flat last march!

I have a brother, who’s 18 and he has Autism and ADHD. We have a love hate relationship and always have had.

My dad lives in Southport, he moved over there about 2 years ago, just after my parents got divorced. I had no idea they were going to get divorced, it came as such a shock. I was beyond heartbroken and it still hurts me to this day. I think going through all the pain of that, was so hard as i was 19 at the time, they’d always been there and suddenly it all ended. My dad was absolutely shattered by this and i was so so worried about him for a long time. He has mental health issues himself, so this really knocked him back.

So yeah, when my dad moved out, my boyfriend moved in to help my mum pay the mortgage. But due to the divorce, i hated my mum and really really struggled to live with her, so we eventually found a place of our own.

My job.. I work as a room leader in a nursery, so i supervise a team of 7 staff and basically make sure they’re doing their jobs! (and play with children of course) I really enjoy my job, it’s hard going sometimes but always worth it.

I don’t really have any hobbies if I’m honest, I enjoy going to the gym, blogging, i like taking photos with my camera. I have a beautiful little dog called Meatball, she lives with my mum as i wasn’t allowed to take her with me when i moved out. So me and my boyfriend go down every weekend and take her out! I’m sure if you follow me on twitter you would of already seen her!

So yeah, my life isn’t very exciting but i like it that way. I’d rather be in on the sofa watching tv or going for a walk rather than out clubbing or drinking. That’s just me! Thanks for reading 🙂

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